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What is the Arcturian Healing Method and how can it support you?

Updated: Mar 19

Hello beautiful humans.
I recently had a life-changing experience when I was attuned with the Arcturian Healing Light by mentor and teacher, Gene Ang, Ph.D

This attunement was for my own growth and ascension, but also to share with ALL of you.
These frequencies are like nothing I have EVER experienced before and they have changed how I both share and receive healing.

How has the Arcturian Healing Light supported me?

I have so much more clarity and intention around my purpose.
I feel happier, healthier, and more content.
There is a sense of grounded trust and peaceful calmness that I did not possess before working with these frequencies. Now, when life shows up and there is disharmony and imbalances, I in turn show up as my most empowered self and move through my lessons and challenges in a more easeful and graceful way.
So, what is the Arcturian Healing Method and how can it support you?

The Arcturian Healing Method is a multidimensional quantum healing system that is sourced from the Divine/God/Creator and connects to the Arcturian consciousness and energies. It assists in amplifying and accelerating personal spiritual growth and healing.

It has its own natural intelligence and intuition and knows exactly where to go, without being directed, for your highest best.
It is a modality that focuses on rebalancing your energy centers and subtle bodies beyond the physical realm. It works in all dimensions to create harmony and alignment for your most healed state in your Physical, Etheric, Emotional, Mental, Causal, Spiritual, and Divine subtle bodies.

It expands beyond what our limited consciousness can connect to, or even ask for in regard to our own healing as it works in what is called the Quantum Field. (👈🏻 simply means I don’t need to direct the energy because it knows where it is needed most)

This divine healing method is a set of new healing tools and cosmic energies inspired by the Arcturians, who are highly advanced star beings and is considered Superconsciousness.
The Arcturians come from the Star ️ Arcturus in the Bootes Constellation and are here to support humanity and Earth in its Ascension and Spiritual Growth. They teach and align with the blueprint of Unity Consciousness, Peace, Love, and Living Heaven on Earth.
They help and assist in shifting perspectives from fear, shame, guilt, and victim consciousness so we as a human race can evolve together, in oneness.
In wholeness.
Some of the issues the Arcutian Healing Light can address are:
  • Life path alignment

  • Life functioning upgrade

  • Physical healing

  • Emotional healing

  • Mental healing

  • Spiritual healing

I Am now encoded with four NEW Galactic Arcturian frequencies to further support deeper healing.

Encoding One: Arcturian Blueprint Activation (ABA) assists in re-activating your Life Purpose and Plan.

The ABA activation instills will/inner strength and subtracts outdated programs running. It takes out old programs and anything blocking you from the Divine Blueprint of your Soul.
This activation requires 4 one hour sessions to be fully activated in your system.

Encoding Two: Arcturian Neural Net (ANN)
The ANN frequencies are used to support your nervous system and can assist in balancing your Sympathetic and Para-Sympathetic Nervous Systems. Just five minutes of this frequency can help alleviate any restless anxiety and aid in a calm and rejuvenating sleep session.

Encoding Three: Arcturian Repatterning of Cells (ARC) assists in restoring the body on the cellular level by repairing the cells. It activates the capacity to hold a frequency of light for healing at the cellular level. You can get as specific as running this frequency on the liver cells’ mitochondria. It is an amazing frequency!

Encoding Four: Arcturian Endocrine Activation (AEA) supports the healing of the glandular system
It helps upgrade the endocrine system and its glands so that the entire physical body is functioning at a higher attuned level.

And as of 2/27/23, I have been attuned to a new variety of Arcturian frequencies including:

-Arcturian Templates-templates to balance and center various disorders. These include depression, power loss, cancer, autoimmune disorders, brain balancing, poverty consciousness, and fatigue.

-Arcturian Dimensional Bridge (ADB)-creates a full transfer of the Arcturian Dimension into client’s system and environment during a healing session. This merging of dimensions allows for rapid changes and healing to occur.