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Meet Colleen Kimberly Broersma

Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master, Healer 

Hi, I’m Colleen. I started on my journey to become a yoga teacher wanting to deepen my own practice and to help others learn about the healing qualities of yoga. In the beginning, I truly feared I wouldn't be a good enough teacher because I’m not flexible or bendy, I struggle with balance, and I have arthritis in both knees.


It sounded somewhat crazy to me to want to teach yoga and not be able to balance and do some of the more advanced poses. But what was actually crazy was listening to that nagging inner voice so full of doubt and fear. If I had learned anything in my own practice it was that yoga is accessible to everyone. Period. So what if I’m not flexible or can’t balance?


Before I could change my mind, I signed up for yoga teacher training at YogaWorks in Baltimore, MD. Among the many things I carried away from that experience includes knowing that yoga is not about being able to twist your body into complicated postures. It’s about slowing down and connecting with your higher self. It's about being present. It’s about practicing loving kindness towards yourself and to others. It's about connecting to your breath and creating space.


Yoga is your spiritual advisor and personal trainer all in one. Simply put, it’s a way of life.


My first experience on my mat was in 2014. I had an “aha” moment that I can best describe as coming home to this place inside myself that always existed, but I never knew about. Since that day I knew I wanted to teach yoga. I want to lead by example and help demonstrate that yoga is FOR EVERYONE.


In 2018, after the devastating death of my boyfriend, I turned to yoga and reiki to help process my grief. It was during that time that I decided to pursue my dream of becoming a wellness advocate, yoga teacher, and healer. My singular goal is to help others deal with stress, anxiety, grief—all types of grief—and everyday life in a healing and healthy way. 


At some level, we ALL need to heal.


Upon that inspiration, I created The Soul Nourish to offer yoga—including gentle, restorative, healing yoga/yoga for grief—and reiki and mindfulness as tools to help with everyday life. If this resonates with you, please reach out. Let me NOURISH your SOUL. Let me be your #SoulSupport.


Why These Tools Can Help


What's In Your Healing Toolbox?


A consistent yoga practice is an amazing tool to cultivate mindfulness and inner peace in mind, body, & soul.

Meditation & Mindfullness

Practicing daily meditation and mindfulness can help alleviate stress, improve memory & focus, and help to reduce physical & emotional pain. 


Pranayama, or conscious breathing, helps reduce anxiety & depression, increases energy levels and helps alleviate stress and feeling overwhelmed.  

Reiki & chakra balancing 

Reiki is a Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. Your Chakras can become unbalanced when trauma or stress occurs. Reiki can help align them. 


Practicing gratitude has an endless amount of benefits which include extreme JOY in life.

Setting daily intentions

Setting an intention is a powerful tool to help cultivate positive change in your life.



Colleen is amazing! Her knowledge and passion for yoga shines though her practice. She guided our class in a wonderful restorative practice, was very helpful in explaining the poses to everyone, and went at a comfortable pace for the whole class. I left her class feeling relaxed and ready to start my day with positive intentions. Can’t wait to practice with Colleen again- Highly recommend!

— Molly Meneely


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