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Meet Colleen Kimberly Broersma

Conscious Self-Care in the Vibration of Love

Meet Colleen
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About Me:

Hello, beautiful soul, welcome to my Sacred Space.

My name is Colleen and this website is my CALL-TO-ACTION to inspire and connect with ALL beings who are walking the path of awakening and reconnection back to their most embodied healed state.

Has your Soul been whispering the desire to claim your Sovereignty as a FREE and HAPPY being and to walk the path of healing?

If so, I invite you to connect with me so we can walk this path together. 

Who Am I during this journey? 


I Am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a creator, a confident, a critic, a consumer, and so much more.


I AM artistic, emotional, playful, compassionate, sarcastic, tenacious, and resilient.

I get angry, sad, mad, and a barrage of other emotions. 

I AM all parts authentic soul. 


Most importantly,  I AM human and I AM you. 


I have walked the walk of disembodied purpose. 

I have been stuck in fear, separation, and conflict.  


I have buried my pain and swallowed my shame and worn so many masks that I forgot who I was and why I was here.  


Does this resonate?  

If so, I invite you to connect because I have learned to shift these vibrations of fear and align with love.


Through my own self-discovery and healing, I have learned to create a foundation for myself built on stability, purpose, and joy.


One where I felt grounded in my truth and in my heart. 


I have woken up to my own Soul Remembrance.  

Each day I walk this path with the intention and desire to share what I have learned and re-remembered with YOU. 

I have learned to connect with the frequencies of Peace, Unity, and Love allowing for deeper levels of HARMONY & JOY, BLISS, ABUNDANCE, AND EMBODIED TRANSFORMATION.

You don't need to feel lost, disconnected, or disembodied anymore.

I can assist you on your path of healing and reconnection back to your center and back to your truth. 

I  hold many certifications and lineage initiations including:​

  • Holy Fire III© Karuna Reiki Master© and Teacher

  • 500-Hour Certified Yoga Teacher

  • Arcturian Starseed 

  • Certified Arcturian Healing Method™️ Practitioner

  • Certified Inner Alignment Intuitive Spiritual Mentor

  • Violet Flame Intitiate 

  • Golden Ray Initiate

  • Sacred Cacao Space Holder

  • Paq’o / Mesa Carrier of the Andean Shamanic Tradition 


These certifications and initiations are a beautiful reflection of what I do but, they are not who I Am. 

Who AM I?

“When I don’t know who I am, I serve you. When I do know who I am, I AM you.”

It would be an honor to be your #SoulSupport as we walk each other home.

Colleen ♾️

To learn more about my personal journey click here.

What's In Your Healing Toolbox?

Why These Tools Can Help

Healing Toolbox

A consistent yoga practice is an amazing tool to calm & soothe your central nervous system and create inner peace in mind, body, & soul. It also helps to increase body strength & promote flexibility. It is an invitation to slow down, go inward and cultivate balance both inside and out  It combines awareness around breath (Pranayama) plus movement (Asana) . 

Meditation & Mindfulness

A daily meditation and mindfulness practice can help reduce stress & anxiety, improve memory & focus, improves sleep, and enhances overall emotional health. This can include setting intentions and

"I AM" affirmations to help support your spiritual path of enlightenment. 


Pranayama, or conscious breathing, helps reduce anxiety & depression, increases energy levels and helps alleviate stress and feeling overwhelmed.  

When practiced regularly this wellness tool can boost your immunity naturally and help with mental fog and clarity and with maintaining vitality & vibrancy. 

Enegry Healing 

What healing modality speaks to your soul?

Perhaps it is Reiki?

Holy Fire Reiki is a spiritual energy that creates wholeness through purification, healing, empowerment, and guidance. 

The Arcturian Healing Method ™️  works to heal beyond the physical realms...

There are many modalities to explore

Daily Devotional Practices

I truly believe in the healing benefits of creating and sustaining a daily spiritual practice.   Mantras, Yoga, Meditation, Affirmations, and other heart based activities like practicing Gratitude can help build momentum in creating more joy & abundance in ones life. 

Sacred Soul Connection

Co-creating a connection to your heart and your soul's truth in a safe & sacred container is a beautiful way to begin to heal, grow, transform, and  EXPAND in

abundance and love.

We work with our Divine 'I Am" presence to connect deeper to our soul-selves and to share our divine gifts with the world. 

It is a space to honor both the shadow and the light. 

Sacre Offerings

Sacred Offerings