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Self care for mind, body, and soul 

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Meet Colleen Kimberly Broersma

Yoga Teacher, Holy Fire Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer,
Violet Flame Emmisary💜,
Consciousness Co-Creator in the Vibration of Love

Blessings & Greetings. 

Hello, my name is Colleen and I am so grateful for the opportunity to share my story with you. 

I started on my journey as a healer and yoga teacher wanting to deepen my own practice and to help others learn about the healing qualities of yoga, energy healing, and reiki.    


I completed my 200-hour certification through YogaWorks in Baltimore, MD in 2018.  

Among the many things I carried away from that experience was learning that yoga is not just about being able to twist your body into complicated postures or balancing on your head. 

It’s about slowing down, going inward, and connecting with your higher self.

It's about being present with your thoughts and your actions.

It’s about practicing loving-kindness towards yourself and to others.

It's about releasing that which no longer serves you. 

It's about connecting to your breath and creating space for more abundance, joy, and love.  

.  .  

My first experience on my mat was in 2014. I had an “aha” moment that I can best describe as coming home to this place inside myself that always existed, but I never knew about. Since that day I knew I wanted to teach yoga to help guide others on their spiritual & healing journey.

I knew that my soul's purpose was to share healing yoga,

from my heart to yours.  

I believe that each breath is an opportunity to bring us back into our hearts, back to our centers, to connect to our TRUTH and our own unique divine light within. 

In 2018, after the death of my partner and love, Lou, I turned to yoga and reiki to help process my grief. It was during that time that I started to tap into my own intuitive "gifts".  I knew this was the beginning of my journey as a healer, lightworker, and wayshower.  

I studied with Mary Pat Hulteng to receive my Reiki I , II and Reiki Master certifications.  I currently work with crystals, essential oils, plant medicine, and other healing modalities including the Violet Flame of Transmutation with Master Saint Germain and Archangel Zadkiel.


And, as a Keeper of the Earth, I co-create sacred Cacao ceremonies honoring Pachamama and her natural cyclical rhythms & seasons.

I love connecting with the earth and nature and sharing her healing qualities both on the mat and off the mat.   


In 2020 I started my journey with YogaFarm Ithaca to receive my 500-hour designation as a Kundalini teacher. 

In this beautiful training, I received wisdom & knowledge about Ayurveda, the Enneagram (I'm a 2w1), lunar phases and menstrual cycles, and how to teach kundalini with all of these beautiful facets interwoven into the classes. 

(Look for my Kundalini Pop-Up's  & Chanting workshops!)

This has been one of the most profound and enriching experiences of my life both personally and as a healer & teacher.  


Throughout these recent life experiences, I've realized that we as individuals, and as a collective, need healing.  

It's not that we are broken, for we are ALL divine beings of light.

It's more about having access to as many ascension tools as possible to help us on our journey through life. 


Upon that inspiration, I created The Soul Nourish, a healing community steeped in love, transformation, healing, and growth. 

I am here to be your "Soul Support" and ascension guide on your healing journey. 


I work with my Divine I AM presence and my "Team in Spirit"

as well as your "team" in every healing session and offering.

I call in the energy of the Divine and Great Spirit, Pachamama, the Archangels & Angelic Realm, the Ascended Masters, the Seven Mighty Elohim & the Sacred Fires of the Sevenfold Flame, my Spirit Guides, my Reiki Guides, Maa Durga, Kuan Yin, and other beautiful etheric sacred allies. 


I am here to hold the higher frequencies while the 3D timelines dismantle and we ascend to the 5D energies of unconditional love and unity consciousness. 


If this resonates with you, please reach out. Let me NOURISH your SOUL. Let me be your #SoulSupport.

"I have experienced first hand the incredible healing power of yoga and intuitive energy healing; mind, body, & spirit.  


 I truly believe yoga, energy healing, and the Violet Flame can helps us create space for more love and abundance in our lives.   I find joy and purpose connecting with my students and clients, creating a healing sacred space, on & off the mat."     Colleen 


Why These Tools Can Help


What's In Your Healing Toolbox?


A consistent yoga practice is an amazing tool to calm & soothe your central nervous system and create inner peace in mind, body, & soul. It also helps to increase body strength & promote flexibility. It is an invitation to slow down, go inward and cultivate balance both inside and out. 

Meditation & Mindfullness

A daily meditation and mindfulness practice can help reduce stress & anxiety, improve memory & focus, improves sleep, enhances overall emotional health. This can include setting intentions and

"I AM" affirmations to help support your spiritual path of enlightenment. 


Pranayama, or conscious breathing, helps reduce anxiety & depression, increases energy levels and helps alleviate stress and feeling overwhelmed.  

When practiced regularly this wellness tool can boost your immunity naturally and help with mental fog and clarity and with maintaining vitality & exuberance. 

 Reiki & Violet Flame Healing

Reiki is an ancient Japanese healing technique where universal energy is transmitted through the practitioners hands into the client. Reiki treats the whole person, body, mind and spirit, to achieve balance and restore optimum health. The Violet Flame transmutes anything that is not of the Divine offering miracles & deep healing. 

Plant MEdicine 

I truly believe in the healing benefits of plants for mind & body. I use Young Living essential oils, crystals from the earth  & the plant spirit cacao as healing modalities in my own life and with clients.

Mudras & Mantras

Mantra is a sound combination, or hymn, that harnesses and commands the

life force and energy within.

Mudras direct that energy helping

to create new neural-pathway's

in our brain to

reinforce a positive mindset. 


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Contact Info



Baltimore, Md. 21212


Colleen's Weekly Classes + Upcoming Events:

Movement Lab

Restorative Yoga 

Mondays @ 7:45pm

Thursdays @ 4pm

$20 drop in

301 W 29th St, Baltimore, MD 21211

Sign Up Here.

Truth Mind & Body

Restorative Yoga  Tuesdays @ 6:15pm 

Healing Yoga Fridays @ 9:30am

10 Fila Way Sparks, MD 21152

Sign Up Here.

Sacred Soul Circle

Violet Flame Cacao Ceremony

November 13, 2021

The Healing Room


Join me for a Cacao Ceremony to

 access Miracles and Freedom within and with-out.

We will be connecting to the energies of the Violet Flame of Transmutation and Freedom while reading invocations into our beloved plant medicine, Grandmother Cacao.

Suggested Energy Exchange: $33.33-$44.44


Venmo: @ColleenTheSoulNourish

Yoga in the Yard 

Sept. 19 & 26  Oct 3 & 10

at B&O RailRoad Museum 

 901 W. Pratt Street 

Gentle Yoga at B&O RailRoad Museum is back 

on Sundays starting Sept 19th through 

October 10th.

Classes are from 9-10am and are a $10 drop in

Classes are rain or shine

Reiki I Certification with Cacao Ceremony

Location: at my Home


I will be offering a Reiki 1 training on Nov. 6-7th

This two day certification will start with a Violet Flame Clearing of our Auric Fields and physical body plus a Cacao Ceremony to connect us to our heart and help us open to receive the energies of Holy Fire III Reiki. 
A deposit of $88.88 is required to reserve your spot.

To learn more click here

Reiki II Certification with Cacao Ceremony

Location: at my home

February 2022. 

This Certification/Training is for graduates of Reiki I.

We will be stepping deeper into our journey as Lightworkers and Healers.

It will be a two data training in February of 2022. 

For more info email me at 

A deposit of $88.88 is required to reserve your spot.

To learn more click here


Colleen is amazing! Her knowledge and passion for yoga shines though her practice. She guided our class in a wonderful restorative practice, was very helpful in explaining the poses to everyone, and went at a comfortable pace for the whole class. I left her class feeling relaxed and ready to start my day with positive intentions. Can’t wait to practice with Colleen again- Highly recommend!

— Molly Meneely